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September 22, 2008


"So, What Do YOU Do?" Workshop Recap at IGC
guest blogger: Laura Allen, of 15SecondPitch.com

You couldn’t fit another person in the conference room for the “sold out” In Good Company 15SecondPitch workshop on 9/16/08. I had such a great time and was so inspired by all of the amazing women in the room that I didn’t sleep at all that night!!

Whenever I present my workshop, I’m struck by how many women hold themselves back in business and fail to ask for the sale. I don’t want that to ever happen to any of my clients and I don’t want that to happen to you. Here are a few of the juicy secrets I revealed in the workshop, incase you couldn’t join us.

1. If I don’t know exactly what you do, I can never do business with you.
How many times have you been at a networking event and you’re talking to a woman who says she “helps people turn their dreams into reality” and you’re thinking to yourself, “I have no idea what this person is talking about.” It happens all the time and it’s one of the reasons why women don’t close as many sales as they could. I’ve heard financial planners, life coaches and interior designers tell people that they “help people turn their dreams into reality.” If you’re a financial planner, I’d love to know that right up front and then I’d be very excited if you told me something like, “on average my clients only lost 2% in the most recent Wall Street flame out as compared to many people who lost up to 50%.” That’s a completely made up example, however, with a little brainstorming, you can come up with the perfect one for what you do.

2. You need a pitch for Every Niche
If you are a Renaissance Woman—meaning you do several different things for fun and/or money—you must have what I describe as “a pitch for every niche.” For example, my client Karineh came to the IGC workshop and took some great photos of me and the group. Karineh is an incredible photographer who works with clients like Versace and Kenneth Cole. However, Karineh is also very passionate about baking her own home-made Biscotti. So I worked with Karineh to create a 15SecondPitch that is all about photography and another pitch that is all about biscotti. As a result, she’s getting more sales and has no fear cold calling. You can see more of her work at: http://www.karinehnyc.com/

3.The Power of the Third Party Pitch
Most people have a much easier time recommending their hair stylist, doctor or lawyer. Team up with someone that you know and trust. Agree to send business to them and they will send business to you. Make sure that they are crystal clear about what services you provide and why you are better than the competition. Be sure that you know how to promote their services effectively too. I call this system, The Third Party Pitch System. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways I know of to increase business. Just make sure you are working with people that you truly respect and admire.

I bumped into a woman recently who attended the very first workshop I taught when I started 15SecondPitch.com in 2002. She reminded me that I wrote “FUN WINS!!” on the dry erase board in BIG, BOLD, LETTERS. I was amazed that she remembered this because I had long since forgotten. “Fun Wins” was an little idea I came up with on the way to the workshop and I just put it up on the board to get people thinking about it. After seeing the crash on Wall Street last week, I think I may have been onto something with that ‘fun wins’ idea. When people are worried and they want to be sure that they are spending their money wisely, show them that you are the best person for the job, that you’ll give them 110% of your effort and also remember to show them that it will be FUN to work with you.

I’d love to hear what you are doing to have more fun and make more money in an uncertain economy, so please take a moment and leave your comments here!! I can tell you that teaching my workshop for such an amazing group of women at IGC was the most fun I’ve had in a long time!

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