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September 5, 2008

Catching Clients

Starting this fall, we have decided to focus on a particular theme each month and reach out to our fabulous community for their thoughts, ideas, experiences and stories about those topics. Since many of us are experiencing the 'back to work' mentality that the end of summer often brings, and many of us are thinking about Q4 numbers as we stare down the end of the year, we decided that September's focus should be innovative ways to land or "catch" clients.


Here are a few of the stories that our members have shared with us: Lynn Berry, Field Manager of Atlantis Health Plan (646-421-8717) stood outside the Union Square movie theater while "Sicko" was playing, handing out flyers and wearing a backpack sign. A man and his two boys stopped to talk, and she ultimately signed up the family.

Sarah Leah Gootnick, Founder Secretary in Israel LLC considered ALL of her connections and resources when looking for new business. "When I launched my business I sent an email to my Rabbi asking him if he would email his synagogue about our virtual assistants. I got an unexpected email back from him letting me know that he needed a virtual assistant for his congregation! Not only has that worked out great, but he introduced me to some of his other Rabbi colleagues, too. So you just never know who might be a potential new client!"

Galia Gichon, Founder of Down-to-Earth Finance was trying to reach a few strategic large organizations to present seminars to their employees. She didn't have any contacts so she cold called them. When she reached one Executive Director, she was not able to bring Galia in on to present seminars at her organization BUT she signed up for my individual services right away! A few years later, the Executive Director brought Galia in to present seminars to the organization!

Christine Janssen, denken Research & Consulting just developed and launched "The Recession Special" to enable entrepreneurs to keep moving forward with their businesses despite the crazy economy. She is offering 25% off all of her services during September and October, plus if you refer a new client to Chris during that same time period and they also subscribe to her services - you will BOTH get 30% off any services that commence between Sep 1 and Oct 31!


And, how about us?

Well, Amy met delightful IGC member Dages of Delicious Dialogues at a sample sale last August. And we also recently began working with a fantastic video producer who was tasked with shooting IGC for a clip on Current TV (yet to be aired). Another of our members, Christine Courtney of C3 Agency, represented the drink sponsor for the launch of Galia Gichon's My Money Kit.

Moral of the story? Shop and go to sample sales. Well, more to the point...be open to meeting people and talking about your business whereever you go. You never know where new clients may maternialize but resourcefulness, creativity and persistance can pay off! So, think about what creative outlets YOU can use to find your next client.

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Mista said...

Can I just say that I'm DYING to come to your Consultants Connection group? I just keep being busy, and now you have a waiting list! How fantastic. Keep it up!