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February 6, 2009

REAL DEAL: The PR Lowdown! (recap)

We were thrilled to have a full house for our first “real deal” event - The PR Lowdown - on Wednesday…we took over the back work lounge in order to accommodate almost 40 attendees. We developed the Real Deal series as a way to demystify and explore business topics that are challenging for small business owners to get REAL information about…things like PR, and web presence (March 4), and SEO (April 1).

Our fabulous and generous panel members included Marci Alboher, Lisa Roth, Lori Dolnick, and Joanne Cole, all of whom have experience in multiple roles in the world of journalism and public relations.

In addition to tons of tips and resources our discussion included PR topics such as:
* when do you need to work with a PR professional and what is the value of doing so?
* when is it appropriate for business owners to 'do it on their own'?
* what are you able to do for your clients that they really aren't able to do for themselves?
* what 'cons' should be considered before taking it on yourself? Things to watch out for or be aware of?

& on the Journalist side, we discussed:
* How do you find the subjects for your articles?
* What roles do PR reps play in that process? What about press releases?
* How has your “sourcing” changed over the last few years, if at all?
* What compels you to make an ongoing relationship with a source?
* What compels you to choose one source or expert over another?

The audience also engaged the panel on the role of new media in PR and journalism…how it has changed things, what tools to use, what to know about etiquette, and where to get informed!

It was a fantastic conversation and we are very grateful to all who participated!

Looking forward to the other upcoming panels!!

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