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April 28, 2009

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Workshop?!

The PixelHotel is a business that has really turned convention on its head! We originally read about this on SpringWise and have been thinking about it ever since. Instead of offering a centralized hotel location, this Austrian hotel decided to use small affiliate locations all around the city that were as varied as their location. Some are simple apartments, small cottages or houses, while others are even workshops or gallery spaces! This approach yields more interesting abodes and embeds visitors in various sections of the city, encouraging a very different tourist experience. The limited amenities keep the price down and the lack of room service redirects those dollars into the local economy! It is not so often that you read about a business that distinguishes itself by defying the most basic assumption about their own business.

* How can you make use of space differently?
* How can you embed your product or service into another experience?
* What fundamental principle of your industry or business is worth questioning or flipping around?


Billie said...

This reminds me of the Cameron Diaz movie where she's surfing the net for a vacation idea, and up pops Kate Winslet who agrees to swap her quaint English country cottage for Diaz' manse in L.A. Or the Maeve Binchy book "Tara Road." What a darling idea to stay in a real home, even if it does belong to someone else.

In Good Company said...

I agree! I would much rather stay in a place that feels homey than something sterile or generic. Though, I imagine the benefit of the pixelhotel is that you are still dealing with a business instead of a homeowner or landlord and I would imagine the process would be easier than a vacation swap. I hope this idea catches on!