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May 24, 2009

All in Favor? Get Feedback on Business Ideas & Names!

Feedback can be a double edged sword - sometimes helpful, often not what you want to hear, and almost always unreliable, mostly because we ask people that we know and who are famously or predictably biased.

It would be nice to shop your ideas for once with those who don't have a stake in the outcome! Well, we have been really intrigued recently with several sites where people can do just that - get feedback on their business ideas, innovations, and even names from a larger unbiased community.

Love My Idea is an online community portal where ideas can be heard, loved, nourished and encouraged. Aside from idea rating, people use the LoveMyIdea community to search for partners and investors.

Why Not? Is an online idea exchange where community members can rate ideas on a scale of very weak to very strong. It is managed by book authors, Ian Ayers and Barry Nalebuff. Their book: "Why Not? How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big and Small" helps readers with creative problem solving and adapting innovative thinking.

If online posting is not your thing, you can take your query to the people with BlobLive from IdeaBlob. IdeaBlob hosts open mic nights where entrepreneurs and creative thinkers can pitch and receive feedback on their ideas.

Taking an "American Idol" type approach, Name This, allows people to solict, offer, or vote on names for a nacent idea or business. The solicitors pay a fee; voters and creators get rewarded. Within 48 hours you receive "three world-validated names for your thingamajig".

And of course, if you happen to be looking for a more intimate experience you can always try the IGC Open Mic Lunches or the GROW it! class!

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