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May 10, 2009

Help An Entrepreneur Out?

Many of us are familiar with the fantastic PR lead email service, Help A Reporter Out, distributed by PR genius Peter Shankman. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) distributes about 100 free reporter requests per day!

Interestingly, we recently heard about HAEO, or Help An Entrepreneur Out, which distributes entrepreneurship Q&A as well as information on events and workshops hosted by entrepreneurs. It is free to receive the email and it is free to post your events, but most of the events have a registration or attendance fee. HAEO is an admitted copy of the HARO model and the emails look just about identical (though there is no single company sponsorship, instead it seems like there may be an opportunity to pay for your event/notice to appear in the first section labeled “featured”). The two men are very open about the similarity to HARO and talk about their initiative vis-à-vis HARO here.

We felt inclined to share this resource as many of you are always asking for great places to post your events and announcements, but we also wanted to garner some of your thoughts on this take-off.

* Do you think it is a good idea? Bad idea?

* In poor taste? Or totally fair game?

* Does the close modeling after HARO impact your thoughts about subscribing to HAEO?

1 comment:

@MattWilsonTV said...

Hi Adelaide and Amy,

I'm thrilled you found out about us. We are really excited about http://HelpAnEntrepreneur.com

We saw HARO as an amazing tool for reporters and we thought this format would really allow us to help people go out and do what they love. We are now going to be answering any entrepreneur questions by crowdsourcing them in our newsletter.

It should be a big opportunity for people looking to network by helping others and brand them self as a knowledgeable person in the industry.

We couldn't believe we got the domain for helpanentrepreneur.com. After we emailed Shankman and he gave us the thumbs up, we were good to go.

Hope this is a helpful tool for everyone!