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May 21, 2009

People like to help – know your KEYWORDS

In my experience, people like to help others (ok, not everyone, but most people do). Even if they are not “connectors” by nature, when asked a lot of people will make their best effort to help. Perhaps it makes them feel good, hopefully they recognize all the help they have received along their professional journey and feel obliged to pay it forward, perhaps they believe in Karma - whatever the reason, most people really are motivated to help in most matters!

But there is a catch – you need to be very clear about making it known how people can help you or what you need from them.

If you are trying to develop new business and you are taking partners and colleagues out to coffee to connect, be clear about what type of business you are looking for specifically. Often people tell others what they are good at, describe their product or service and assume that their needs / target market is self explanatory. I can assure you they are not! We are so inundated with information that it is hard to remember lots of details – keywords are the way to go.

When I meet someone new and they ask about my business, I want them to walk away knowing that I CONSULT to WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS and I have a WORKSPACE. If they can remember that – I am golden. What are your Keywords?

posted by Amy

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