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May 31, 2009

Search Plus, Plus, Plus: New Search Engine Combines Several Successful Features into One Offering

So, of course, "Google" has become to web search what "Kleenex" is to tissue. However, that certainly doesn't stop Microsoft and Yahoo from vying for market share and other start-ups from challenging the search status quo.

We recently learned of new search engine that offers a bit of an interesting twist by working to incorporate feedback from users into the search results. Scour.com compiles top search results from google, yahoo, and MSN (you can also sort your results by search engine should you choose), but also allows you “vote up” or “vote down” results based on their relevance, thus letting you, the user, ultimately have an impact on the search algorithm. (Google lets you “promote” results as well.)

If you want to go one step beyond “voting” you can also leave comments on sites or search results for others to see. Other advanced Scour features include a reward program where you accrue points for each search you make that can be cashed in for Visa gift cards, and a social networking component that lets you connect with other users.

* So, what do you think of all the bells and whistles that Scour has to offer?

* Which (voting, commenting, connecting, rewarding) are important to you?

* Could you reprogram yourself to use something other than google?

* What if you could get a $50 Visa gift card for doing nothing more than using a different search site?

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