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June 15, 2009

When Size Doesn't Matter: Small Amounts That Do Make A Difference

A few months ago we wrote about companies that, in an effort to be transparent and authentic, allow consumers to TRACE BACK their products’ origins, including the sheep that provided the wool, the farm that provided the strawberry, or the granny that knitted the hat.

Here’s a look at a non-profit that allows you to TRACE FORWARD your contribution by letting you choose the exact people that you want to help. Small Can Be Big allows you to find a family that you want to help (all Boston-based, since the non-profit is as well) and make a donation (100% of the money donated is given to the recipient).

SmallCanBeBig partners with existing non-profits who put forward a few select families that they feel can significantly benefit from a one-time charitable donation. All are in a very difficult spot and on the brink of disaster – “one step away from homelessness or one payment away from getting back on their feet”.

Profiles of the selected families are featured on the Small Can Be Big website, allowing you to choose the one that speaks most to you and directly make a donation. Like Kiva (where IGC routinely donates – join our team!), SmallCan Be Big is based on the premise that small person donations work and are rewarding.

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