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August 3, 2009

Getting You To Your Finish Line - Member Spotlight Workshop with Ann Mehl

Members of In Good Company WorkPlaces are invited to give a 'member spotlight workshop' for the IGC community. A recent event featured Ann Mehl - Certified Career and Life Coach. We asked her to share some information from that workshop here.

If I were asked to put my finger on the tipping point of the proudest moment in my life, it would be right before I approached Heartbreak Hill during the Boston Marathon in April, 1993. As I turned a corner on the course, I heard a spectator whisper to a friend, “She’ll never make it to the finish.” Perhaps this guy thought I was not equipped for what lie ahead? But once I heard this, I decided to "put the hammer down" as they say. I started to run faster. I had over 6 miles to go to finish the 26.2-mile distance and I was not going to give up. And that is just what I did that day. I managed to cross the finish line and prove to myself that I was courageous and capable. In the committing and the struggle and the doing, I found strength of character and it changed me.

It was the hardest thing I've ever done. But afterwards, I had such a sense of accomplishment, that it changed how I saw myself. I had accessed some part of “me” that I didn't even know existed. Since then, I've run over 40 marathons around the world, and each time I grow & learn more about who I am & what I am capable of.

This past June, I told this story as well as other “Lessons Learned From The Road” to members of IGC. I shared that I became a certified life and career coach because I wanted to help other people expand their sense of self.

With 9 years of executive recruiting experience within the tech and financial sectors, I’ve had practice counseling people 1:1 as they navigate through their careers. Every client’s need is different. For some, it can be as practical as assisting them to prepare for an interview, ask for a raise or change direction in their jobs. Usually it goes a little deeper- helping people to expand their concept of self and what is possible. Seeing someone push through a mental block, or do something they had never dreamed possible- for me, that's the greatest joy there is.
Here is a video from my IGC talk, which highlights the topics we covered:

Whatever your personal “finish line” might be, if you feel ready for change or just need help getting a jump-start, please reach out:

- posted by Ann Mehl

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