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September 13, 2009

Ignighter Lights Up Online Dating with a Creative Twist

Dating is a damn awkward process. And while tons of online dating sites have helped singles, making it easier to connect with other fish in the sea or increasing the likelihood of a match, they really can’t ameliorate the awkwardness of the actual date. So I was intrigued to learn about a group dating site called Ignighter.

Ignighter is sort of like MeetUp dating. As far as I can tell, you and your friends sign up as a group and then look to connect with other groups that you are interested in dating. You post a description of your group and some pictures and then search and plan play dates (literally).

I love companies like this, ones that are able to look at an essential obstacle to a common experience and devise a creative solution to make that experience better. Not only did Ignighter come up with an interesting idea, they have executed it really well. The
main site is where you sign up and get connected with other groups. But they also have lots of information that invites you to get involved and helps you learn about the company behind the concept. You can learn about the team or watch them at work, read the blog for their thoughts about group dating or example of group dates. And their new online magazine features articles and real stories and some members too.

When single, I am not sure that the service would have been for me (I am not the gaggle of gals type of gal and I am not sure that group dynamics are always a good date fodder – hello college) but I would probably would have been pretty open to trying it…there is much less risk involved when the worst that can happen is a night out with your friends.

My guess (but I don't know) is that the site tends to appeal to a younger audience as well, which is really interesting from an advertising/sponsorship and company identity perspective.

I am really interested to see how Ignighter continues to do and whether other companies/services begin to adapt this approach as well.

What other companies offer a creative solution to a common obstacle like Ignighter? I can think of a few and will spend sometime writing about them this week!

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