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September 3, 2009

"Stranded Evangelists": Help for Solo Agents-of-Change

Another great post by Alexandra Samuel (we really liked her posts on social media), this time on being a Stranded Evangelist…pioneers of innovation and those who are committed to/charged with steering their companies into new territory.

While she is primarily talking about trying to champion innovation within an organization, I think her tips are equally important for entrepreneurs working with their clients.

Her advice includes “Getting Un-Stranded” by connecting with other like-minded mates in your industry and “Looking Ahead of the Curve” by following thoughts leaders and bloggers.

Read more about these two strategies as well as her other 3 tips.

Food For Thought:

How are you employing these tactics in your work with clients?
How do these tactics inform your business practices?
How many trusted peers do you have and how do you utilize them?
How much time do you allocate to staying informed and in the know about those things most critical to your offerings or practice?

This advice may be even more relevant for entrepreneurs as our time and work has a tendency to be more naturally silo-ed and isolated. What do you think? Which of her points hits home the most for you?

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