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October 20, 2009

Entrepreneurship continues to be a preferred professional destination for women

(photo courtesy of Simon Le)

IGC member and speaking coach extraordinaire, Jezra Kaye, brought to our attention the fact that it is National Women in Business Week (yahoo!) and in the process let us know about a really interesting organization Moms Rising.

The piece that Jezra sent was Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner’s post Woot! 23 Million Employed by Women-Owned Businesses, which thoughtfully highlights and documents the draw of self-employment and entrepreneurship for women who are dissatisfied by current professional options. We are clearly on the same page and this is something we often write and talk about – most recently, Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us May Also Be Employment for the Rest Of Us.

An excerpt from Kristin’s post:

Many are asking, “Are you surprised by how quickly the number of women-owned businesses has been growing?” Our answer? Well, no. Moms know that the general lack of workplace flexibility, family leave, sick days, and affordable and high quality childcare in most companies can make worklife balance a nightmare. Plus the fact that women are paid 77 cents to a man’s dollar, and moms are paid just 73 cents to a man’s dollar is a strong incentive for business ownership. So, we’re not surprised that many women are taking their education and skills to Main Streets and boardrooms across our nation to do it their own way. In fact, women-owned businesses are more likely to offer supportive, family-friendly benefits like flex-time, family leave, sick days, and profit sharing!

With these stats in mind, it’s no wonder an increasing number of women are taking matters into their own hands and starting their own businesses where they can pay themselves equal pay for equal work, and also provide family-friendly policies in their own workplaces.
Read the rest here...

We believe that working for yourself is an increasingly important skill for women to learn, as entrepreneurship and self-employment are increasingly becoming the professional destinations of choice.

In Good Company Workplaces is committed to teaching women and girls this craft and all that comes with it (so that women can really create work that works for them) and also to highlighting the range of entrepreneurial experiences that exist (Entrepreneurship for the Rest of Us).

If you want to begin learning the best practices involved with working for yourself you can join us for two upcoming seminars that we are holding for Global Entrepreneurship Week. They are free and open to the public, though an rsvp is necessary.

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Anita said...

Thank you for linking back to our blog! And we love your blog- great articles!

-Anita, MomsRising.org