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October 14, 2009

Recipe for DIY Success: 2 books that inspire a "can do' attitude

The upside about the down economy is that it has forced many of us to get creative, learn to do more with less, and has inspired a ‘I can do it myself’ attitude in least crafty of us.

Two new books will aid our creative efforts tremendously. Both well-designed and timely, The Cosmetic Cookbook and Remake It Home ensure that we will continue to live in style despite a smaller budget.

The Cosmetics Cookbook
“The Cosmetics Cookbook is a recipe book that contains over 50 simple recipes that you can create at home to beautify and restore health to your skin, hair and entire body using only natural ingredients. The book is divided into several sections such as facial saunas, facial cleansers, tonics and fresheners, masks, hair repairs, and entire body. Each section is introduced with an explanation of its importance and is then followed by several recipe choices. This is an exciting book for women and men of all ages who want to learn how to restore and maintain healthy skin and hair by creating recipes at home using ingredients that are natural, inexpensive, and that can probably be found in any kitchen.”
A few sample receipes can be found here
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Remake it Home: The Essential Guide to Resourceful Living
“Perfectly suited to the spirit of our times, this book is a spare yet stylish guide to living without wastefulness. It chimes with today’s consumer and design trends toward cost-consciousness and environmental awareness, and shows how to live stylishly by reusing and repurposing rather than buying new. This book aims to inspire a sophisticated audience not yet prepared to sacrifice great design or good style by showing both exceptional designs by leading product designers as well as offering ideas for projects we all could, and perhaps should, create.”
Found via Cool Hunting
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