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February 19, 2010

Listen Up! I have something nice to say to you: Listening part 2

I always find it so strange when I am giving someone a compliment and they do one of the following:

1. Try and talk me out of it

2. Argue with me

3. Tell me that "I am just saying that" and insinuating that I don't really mean it

I consider myself to be very genuine, especially when it comes to giving compliments. But the usual response is always so shocking and I find myself repeatedly saying "just say thank you."

There seems to be some type of disconnect when it comes to listening to a compliment. When it comes to your business, customer feedback is a gift - and for many businesses negative and or / constructive feedback is easier to come by / more readily available.

However while the positive feedback and compliments may be less frequent they require just as much attention.


Well, first of all, it is an opportunity to take a minute and give yourself a pat on the back. As entrepreneurs, we are frequently working on the next project, focusing on the next step or crossing off things on our to-do list. So, since it is hard to do build in on your own, use compliments as a welcome opportunity to pause and appreciation your work.

Second, it is a valuable chance to really LISTEN to what aspect of your business/you that your customers are recognizing, celebrating and reporting back to you. They are telling you, from their perspective what distinguishes you and your business from the competition.

From that information you can evaluate if that compliment is something you have set out to be recognized for and is therefore an achievement of your goals, or perhaps it is a by-product of your efforts and something you should utilize as a marketing opportunity or showcase as a business differentiator.

In either case, the next time someone gives you a compliment, try to look them in the eye, smile and say thanks!

posted by Amy Abrams
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