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March 1, 2010

March inFOCUS: Introducing Meredith Barnett!

Our March inFOCUS program spotlights the fabulous Meredith Barnett, who brilliantly transitioned from entrepreneur to intrapreneur. With a professional background that is equal parts business, fashion, and media, Meredith has found many creative homes for her talents to flourish.

She is currently editorial director of The Inside Source, a digital style magazine presented by eBay about trends in for shopping fashion, home & garden, collectibles and more, and is also co-founder of Store Adore, a personalized, web-based guide to the best boutique shopping around the country and online.

What we love about Meredith & her story:

* She recognizes that smart and style go hand-in-hand, And as you’ll see, she is able to expertly mix business and beauty. Case in point: her resume boasts both a Harvard MBA and a plumb editorial job at Lucky Magazine.

* She is a keen trend spotter who can easily read both the marketplace and industry landscapes.

* She is a master re-inventor. When the economy tanked at just the wrong time, Meredith was able to steer her business to safe ground while simultaneously obtaining another professionally challenging, innovative, and enterprising positions.

* She is candid and insightful about the nature of both the publishing and retail industries and as both models continue to change, she is eager to be at the front of the pack when it comes to figuring out what works best.

As always, we will be writing about Meredith and The Inside Source over the course of the month. And you will have the opportunity to meet and talk with Meredith at our brown bag lunch meeting on March 24th, from 12-2.

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