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April 13, 2010

Input Needed: What have you found to be an Entrepreneurship Myth?

(image courtesy of thebackporchshoppe)

As you know we are thrilled about our new book deal! And oh joy - the interviewing, writing & research has begun!

A big part of our book will be including stories, experiences, anecdotes & tips from women entrepreneurs and all of you! We will be posing weekly questions to help us with our writing and brainstorming. Sometimes we will be soliciting a tip and other times a reflection on your own experience.

Thanks to all of you who shared their thoughts on what has been surprising about entrepreneurship, how you work best, what you love most about entrepreneurship, when you first considered yourself an entrepreneur, and more...(to see them all, click "GOOD COMPANY: book questions" on the right hand column).

Next up… short and sweet…:

What have you found to be an entrepreneurship MYTH?

We’d prefer if you reply in the comments because it makes the conversation richer and I think you’ll see that you’re not the only one with the same insights or challenges! If you’d feel more comfortable sending me an email, you can do that too. Adelaide@


Darla Cohen said...

Myth: That you can type out a business plan and have it mean anything in six months.

Truth: What you think your future customers want probably has nothing to do with what they actually want and you'll change your idea ten times until you find your sweet spot.

That may sound hopeless since you can't plan too much, but it's actually hopeful because you don't have to know everything to begin. Just start talking to people, show them what you've got, and be flexible.

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Martie McNabb said...

Myth:Once you have "arrived" such as been on Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, Oprah ..., published a book, got quoted in the New York Times, reached the 100,000 - 1 million annual revenue mark etc etc, you don't have to worry about marketing any longer:)
Truth: When I exited the 7th Ave Q/B train station and was handed a flier for Target IT hit me! But I have learned to think of marketing differently and do it differently:)It's something I enjoy doing now!