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April 11, 2010

Interview Tidbit: Lotta Anderson of Lotta Jansdotter

On this exciting book journey we have the pleasure of interviewing nearly 100 women who are running interesting, inspiring, and innovative companies. While we of course will be including lots of details in the book and discussing the interviews over the next year, in the meantime we wanted to share a few tidbits from each amazing interview!

Lotta Anderson
of Lotta Jansdotter has been at the top of Adelaide’s interview wish list for years. As a home design and textile junkie, she has long loved her Lotta Jansdotter purchases. We spent a very rainy, rainy morning cocooned away in Lotta’s gorgeous studio office.

Here were just a couple things that we learned.

Amy: I was really taken with Lotta’s belief that running a business is as creative a process as designing!

Adelaide: I was amazed by how each avenue of business success has opened more and more doors of opportunity. These opportunities have allowed her to completely change the nature of what her business is about: from textile designer to a home d├ęcor/design brand, to a handmade/DIY expert, to inspiration and lifestyle icon. I can’t wait to learn about all the new, upcoming projects!

Thank you, Lotta!

- Adelaide & Amy

1 comment:

Molly Gordon, self-employment coach said...

I agree with Lotta that running a business is as creative as designing.

When I closed my fiberarts studio, Mollycoddles, to start coaching, people asked if I missed having a creative outlet. The answer was an emphatic "no."

Planning, marketing, sales--all these aspects of business have their own creative process. The more artists and entrepreneurs understand this, the more they will be able to draw on their existing talents and experience to thrive in business.