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May 7, 2010

Book Learnings: The Value of 2 Sets of Eyes and Ears

(image courtesy of DandyLionPress)

Today marks our 50th interview! Wow, we are half-way there.

We have regularly been sharing some of the things we have been learning along the way, such as the mixed reactions to the word entrepreneur.

Something else I have been thinking about is how valuable it has been to have 2 sets of eyes and ears in the room during the interviews.

Amy and I often talk about how we use our very different styles, thinking preferences, and approaches to our advantage. As it turns out, the interviews are no exception.

We have frequently found that we hear and remember very different statements and each think to ask things that they other wouldn't have.

Literally, as we leave Amy will sometimes remark about an interesting thing the woman we spoke to just said. And it will be as if I never heard it. Then I will comment on something I thought was interesting and that will have been completely under the radar for Amy.

Luckily all of them are recorded and available for replay!

At the beginning of this process we had contemplated using a divide and conquer technique in order to accomplish more in the short amount of time that we have. I'm so glad that we didn't.

Doing these interviews had really made me appreciate the importance of diversity of thought and perspective, allowing knowledge to evolve and conversations to transpire, and to not jump to any conclusions!

Can't wait for round two, which kicks off with a trip to Boson on Monday!

- posted by Adelaide Lancaster

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