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May 16, 2010

Interview Tidbit: Sunny Bates

On this exciting book journey we have the pleasure of interviewing nearly 100 women who are running interesting, inspiring, and innovative companies. While we of course will be including lots of details in the book and discussing the interviews over the next year, in the meantime we wanted to share a few tidbits from each amazing interview!

We can not underscore how amazing it was to have the opportunity to meet Sunny Bates. There is not much that Sunny isn't involved in and there isn't much that she hasn't done!

With a burning desire to be on the leading edge of what's important and what really matters, Sunny has started and sold ventures, been a sought-after partner, collaborator, investor, and strategist. She is an inspiration and model of how to continually do work that is interesting to you and that meets your needs!

So, aside from a deep sense of admiration, here are a few things we walked away thinking about:

Adelaide – I was really impressed with Sunny's clarity on what is exciting and interesting to her (both in the present and past) and I was really inspired by the constant professional tweaking, adjusting, and exploring that she has employed in order to be involved with new projects that continually suit those interests.

Amy - As a business owner and a mom, Sunny spoke of integrating her two worlds in an effort to have the best of both worlds. I loved that Sunny described herself in relation to being a business owner, mom, boss as being "good enough". She spoke of how hard women are on themselves and that often doing a "good enough" job goes a long way! I could not agree more!

Thank you, Sunny!

- Adelaide & Amy

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