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March 27, 2009

And just a touch of Attitude...

IGC member, Joan Reilly of Life of Reilly Organizers recently sent me this article from Crain’s NY about Betty Zimmer of Bath Junkie. The article was awesome. Admittedly, I had not heard of Bath Junkie before but reading the article left me itching to visit the new store in New York and anxious to meet the entrepreneurs behind the curtain. Bath Junkie concept is simple and compelling – safe (for you and the environment) bath products designed by you (add scent and color). The concept is also proven – there are already 70 Bath Junkie retail outlets around the country. However, the article focuses on octogenarian Betty and sister-in-law Judy’s (also the franchisor) courageous decision to open a new store in one of the toughest retail markets (NYC) in the toughest retail climate (um, now…in case you hadn’t heard).

The interview highlights and questions Betty & Judy’s drive and determination to succeed despite the economy. And clearly, they are ready for the challenge of wooing cash-strapped, cautious customers. The website touts slogans such as “the economy stinks, you don’t have to”. And the personality doesn’t stop there! The website is littered with other catchy-hip phrases and slogans, which is both refreshing and unexpected. With this kind of energy and chutzpah, how can you resist conspiring to help them succeed?!

ps, new NYC location is on Mulberry between Prince & Spring.

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