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April 7, 2009

Creatures of Comfort

I have noticed that there are a log of things that we do in our business because that is "the way we have always done it" read: routine. I challenged myself to examine my routines and determine if how I was doing it "the way I always did it" was effective or could I figure out at better way to do that activity.

A highlight of my findings: I highlight emails in my inbox to be in the marked as unread status when I need to deal with something but do not want to deal with it at the moment. I found that I re-read and highlight and unhighlight the item approx 10 times before I deal with the issue at hand. I procrastinate - there I said it. Wow! What a total waste of time! I have decided to allow my self to mark as unread 1x and then each day I need to allocate 30 minutes to go through all of the alleged "unread" messages and deal with them.

I challenge you to think of something you do in your business out of routine and see if there is a way you can do it differently and ultimately more effectively. Being a creator of comfort can lead to stagnation and impede your ability to innovate. Get uncomfortable and get out of your own way!

posted by Amy

1 comment:

Cassidy@DharaHolistics said...

I always think admitting the issue is the the most important part... and often the hardest! I am a total procrastinator, too. I aspire to be able to do things in advance... Old habits die hard. Progress, not perfection. Kudos on your discipline!