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April 26, 2009

Reply For All & Put Those Emails to Good Use!!

Feels like you send a lot of emails, right? Did you ever think, “I wish all these emails could actually be used for good”? No? Well someone did!

Reply for All makes it really easy to do some good and generate some money for your favorite cause by including a cause related signature in your gmail, aol, or hotmail email accounts.

Here is how it works: you select your cause from 8 possible choices (including things such as ‘find a cure for cancer’ to ‘defend animal rights’ to ‘stop global warming’), select whether or not you want a rotating fact adjoining the cause symbol and enter your email. Larger companies pay to attach their logo to various causes and those fees are donated to the cause you have selected. It is that simple. Your emails will then include a “signature” that looks like this at the bottom and you get to just email as you normally would.

What is REALLY cool is that you can see the accumulated impact of your generous email traffic in your account. For example, it may say: You have helped 11.5 persons from the effects of poverty. AND you can change your cause as often as you want; your own flavor of the month club! Reply For All also tracks and reports the collective impact of Reply For All users, so you can feel in good company in your actions, and ponder just how many gazillions of emails it took to create that amount of impact!!

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