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May 4, 2009

Here's to Avoiding Service Charges!

In line with our LookBook from last week (on the PixelHotel), we wanted to share another taken for granted concept that has turned convention on its head.

MiniBar in Amsterdam asks you to serve yourself! Upon entering you are given keys to 45 minifridges and given the green light to help yourself to all food and drink. It is unclear how the pricing works (hopefully it is not as exorbitant as hotel minibar pricing!!) and whether reservations are necessary but it is an interesting idea all the same.

What makes self serve so appealing? When would you want to use this service?

What other aspects about basic services and institutions do we take for granted? I believe we have heard of a restaurant where you are able to cook for yourself/ make it yourself...Anyone? Think this would work? Would you want to go?

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