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June 27, 2009

What's in a word? - Renaming as Rebranding

Recently two articles have caught my attention. Both seek suggest a new name as a means for rebranding a movement or initiative.

The first in ODE Magazine suggests that the term "green" is played and that a more authentic term for the "green movement" would instead be "brown".

Another, a Newsweek article, notes the increased incidence (especially in the restaurant world) of the term "house-made" and the resulting decline in the term "home-made".

* Are these new names or labels effective?

* What could you rename or reframe in order to be more effective?

* Or to better articulate your purpose or points of distinction?

For example, Cali Yost's company seeks to reframe the public's notion of WorkLife Balance with the name of her company, WorkLife Fit.

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