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July 12, 2009

HOW, Indeed?! A New Site Gives You "How To" Info on Hundreds of Topics

An article in today's NYTimes Business Section highlights Howcast, which shows consumers engaging, useful how-to videos and guides wherever, whenever they need to learn how. Howcast leverages user-generated content (like YouTube), comes as an iPhone app, and covers topics such as How to Look Great in Photographs, How to Cook a Turkey, and How to Pack a Beer Cooler, How to Improve Your Memory, and How to Reduce Your Carbon FootPrint.

Among other uses Howcast seems to be a really interesting and new way to share information, promote knowledge, or advance a cause with a large audience previously unknown to you.

Concept-wise, it reminded us of another business that we recently wrote about, Common Craft, a really cool company that creates instructional videos that explain complex concepts “in plain English”. Instead of user-generated, Common Craft videos are produced by an educational team who focuses on simplifying complex sets of information supported by illustration. Common Craft can also build a custom video for you or your organization.

There is obviously an interest in being able to easily access explanatory information...and it will be interesting to see how these two approaches are taken up by the marketplace!

Have you noticed the emergence of any other interesting HOW TO businesses?

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