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July 10, 2009

The Uniform Project Challenges Us to Think Creatively About Clothes, Charities, and Consumption

The Uniform Project is a cool new initiative that is sure to capture the hearts of all those ladies who have ever bemoaned the stress involved with creating a consistently fetching wardrobe, fretted over the amount of clothes they purchase and purge, or fantasized about the blessings of a pre-selected outfit.

The Uniform Project was started by Sheena Matheiken, who has vowed to wear identical copies of the same dress every day for a year. She will, of course, accessorize her uniform differently each day.

Not only is the project a statement about sustainability, but it also an effort to raise funds for the non-profit Akanksha, an organization that funds education for slum children in Mumbai. Sheena, who was raised and educated in India, will donate a dollar a day to the organization (by the end of the year that is enough to fund one child) and you can donate as well (to date they have raised more than $5000). You can also donate accessories (listen up accessories and fashion designers!) that Sheena will wear with the dress.

You can view Sheena's outfits by month or day.

Her creativity will undoubtedly inspire followers and challenge us all to see more potential in each piece of our wardrobe!

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