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July 2, 2009

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve: Cause Du Jour with Rosa Loves

A really wonderful concept and story that reminds us of two others that we have features: Small Can Be Big (because of the choice given to fund a specific individual) and Reply For All (where you can select the cause the is most meaningful to you). Rosa Loves is also like Small Can Be Big because it is a part-time, unpaid, volunteer effort launched by charitable citizens who just wanted to do more to impact the world around them.

Two guys (Mike Fretto & Chris Lewis) started Rosa Loves as a way to encourage individual people to get involved in the community around them on a somewhat tangible scale.

They identify individuals in need, design a shirt that represents the story, and produce the number of shirts that they need to fund the cause or person. Each design is therefore a limited edition and only offered until all the funds have been raised.

Some examples of causes and designs include:

Simple Machine, which raises money for the re-commissioning and recycling of bikes to be given to those in the St. Augustine area who need transport to/from their jobs.

& The Mustard Seed of Baje Amli, which sponsors the education of 30 kids in Bangladesh.

Talk about tangible impact!

The designs are beautiful and each shirt has the story that inspired the design printed on the inside. You can learn about the stories, see the designs, and support the causes all online.

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