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August 15, 2009

Perfect Pairings - original, unexpected, and genius collaborations that boost brands

I recently read a very interesting post about employee uniforms for the Ace Hotel here in NYC on ­­­­­Cool Hunting. I first found the Ace Hotel doing a search Oyster Hotel Reviews (which we posted on a couple weeks ago here).

The Ace Hotel, which is described on Oyster’s site as “meticulously curated, vintage-inspired…cool, comfortable, and inviting in its own way”, has extended their well-managed image all the way through to their employees uniforms. (read Oyster's full review of Ace Hotel)

In addition to incorporating recognizable fashion staples from
Levi's to Uniqlo, CoolHunting reports that they have also collaborated with Converse to develop an exclusive L. Gambert to create custom fitted shirts and a housekeeping uniform - a utilitarian shirt-dress.

I think these collaborations are genius and they also remind me of BabyCakes uniform initiatives. BabyCakes the ultra-cool and much buzzed-about gluten and allergy-free bakery, first partnered with local BuiltByWendy (who is offering a great sale right now) for their season one uniforms and later with EarnstSewn.

In both cases these relationships help to further cement the companies’ brand image, cultivate consumer intrigue, and solidify the uniqueness of each company’s offering and experience.

Obviously all of our businesses neither involve uniforms nor would be helped by incorporating them. But it is worth considering how you could apply this same kind of thinking or approach to your own business.

What kinds of collaborations and partnership could help to further define your brand, cultivate intrigue, and distinguish the experience you offer?

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