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September 20, 2009

Malia Mills: Helping Women to Loathe Swimsuit Shopping Less by Loving Their Differences!

Last week I wrote about two businesses (Ignighter and Bottlerocket) that employ creative solutions to help customers overcome a common fear obstacle.

Another excellent example is Malia Mills, NYC-based clothing design company best known for making swimwear with “superior fit and fashion to inspire women to feel fabulous about their individual beauty”. Malia and Carol Mills began making swimsuits in 1992, far before other companies were seeking to accommodate and flatter a diversity of body types with their designs.

There’s not much that induces more fear and discomfort for women then the prospect of swimsuit shopping. But Malia Mills works to transform what is typically an experience filled with insecurities and self-criticism into one that is about celebration and acceptance. Using real women as models and their signature “Love Thy Differences” campaign are just two ways that Malia Mills demonstrates their commitment not only to enhancing the shopping experience but also to “changing the way that you look at yourself”.

These components are complemented by an amazing team of store employees and well-trained fit experts who stop at nothing to deliver tremendous customer service and all together transform the experience of shopping for a bathing suit.

How can these three examples help you think about transforming your customer's experience by innovating your offering, customer service, mission, and message?

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