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October 9, 2009

Hey - I Recognize that Ice Cream Truck!

Last week I went to read one of my favorite blogs One Floor Up and was pleasantly surprised to see a picture by an artist I recognized (go me!) It was of one of Kevin Cyr's ice cream trucks!

In Good Company Workplaces is really lucky to have a great partnership with Raandesk Gallery who brilliantly curates our space with interesting rotating art exhibits (right now we are enjoying the Unsettled Beauty).

Earlier this year, we had some of Kevin's work - a few black and white pieces which I loved! And the good news is that he is coming back to IGC again...but not before the really cool Art2Gift program - just in time for the holidays.

View more work by Kevin Cyr

If i had one of those cool new nyc trucks (rickshaw, van leeuwen, cupcake track, wafels and dinges) I would totally get a commissioned piece from him!

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