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October 8, 2009

inKindness: A new IGC initiative about finding creative ways to give back

We are excited to introduce you to inKindness – a new IGC initiative that captures our belief in the importance of giving back and creating ways to increase small businesses’ philanthropic efforts regardless of size or stage.

We started inKindness because we believe that engagement matters and that is a fundamentally important aspect of entrepreneurship.

WE BELIEVE that when it comes to philanthropic involvement that you’re never too small and it is never too soon.

LEVERAGING YOUR BUSINESS as a vehicle for change should be a business practice from the start.

This inKindness initiative is about finding ways to ENGAGE IMPORTANT CAUSES that are possible now.

inKindness doesn’t always require cash but does REQUIRE CREATIVITY.

Our recent inKindness gestures include ‘in kind’ donations and contributions to organizations such as Girls Write Now, NOW NYC, and Starting Bloc.

Inspired in part by giving initiatives such as:
Fred Wilson’s donors choose funding challenge
The launch of the Tory Burch Foundation

And influenced by these idea campaigns:
Malia Mills’ Love They Differences Campaign
And Operation Nice

We decided to make our initiative official!

We will now share our inKindness gestures and continue to look for creative ways that we can give back and do our part, and we encourage you to do the same!

Imagine! What you can do inKindness?

Join us by creating your own inKindness gestures and telling us about them!

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