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October 7, 2009

No greater compliment than shout-outs from those you admire!

Last week we had two really nice experiences. We received two very positive blog shout outs from blogs that we love, both of which are run by smart & interesting women that we didn’t know personally (yet!).

First, I was told about PatternPulp, a fantastic trend blog that focuses on patterns and design (yum) by Shayna Kulik. After I quick tour of the blog, I sent an email to Shayna professing my love only to have her tell me that she featured In Good Company in a post earlier this year!! Trend: Co-working Within Color Palettes

Second, Joanne Wilson, who writes the Gotham Gal blog (one we regularly follow), happened to meet one of our members at In Good Company and then wrote a really nice blog post about her impressions! In Good Company Workspaces

Big smiles all around.

It is always great to get press and mentions but it is even sweeter when it comes from folks of whom you are already a big fan. (like the time, we were mentioned by Springwise…).

It feels sweeter because in addition to being considered newsworthy, it validates that your concept appeals to the kind of people that you admire and it is impacting them in the way that you hope to.

Thank you, ladies, for recognizing our work! It means a lot.

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