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March 22, 2010

Editorializing the Customer Experience: Some service business examples

We’ve been talking a lot about “Editorializing the Retail Experience” after our interview with Meredith Barnett.

Meredith talks about this important strategy as a way to strengthen affinity and loyalty amongst your customers.

We provided some other examples of businesses (aside from The Inside Source) that employ this strategy last week from a product/retail perspective.

We also wanted to share 2 examples of services businesses who take a similar approach.

The ever so talented dog photographer Erin Vey not only provides gorgeous imagery for her followers and clients through her site and blog, she also demystifies the photography experience and provides lots of education for novices who want to take better pictures on their own.

For example, here she shows how she got this terrific shot of my friend Katie and her fabulous dog Hank.

Another woman who creates a fantastic online editorial environment for her service business, is interior designer Kelly Galvin Robson. Her blog, High Street Market and curated Etsy shop of vintage finds both provide interesting, editorial, interactive ways for those interested in her design services and style to create a connection.


* As a service business, what editorial tactics can you employ to increase not only customer stickiness but also your profile in the industry?

* What kind of curated experience can you create for your customers and potential customers?

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