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March 12, 2010

Examples of Editorializing the Retail Experience

We have been really intrigued by what Meredith Barnett said in an earlier post this week.

She was talking about her position at The Inside Source and discussed the importance of “editorializing the retail experience”, which is what TIS brilliantly does for eBay.

We thought of 3 other product oriented platforms who we think “editorialize” well and in ways that both add value to the customer and create more affinity. Each one of these businesses operates in a different market, speaks to different audiences, and editorializes in their own unique way.

TadaShop provides a collection of curated children’s wear finds from hundreds of brands and offers readers a one-stop shopping experience in addition to trend pieces, articles, and special picks.

SheFinds is a fashion blog complete with buying guides, trend pieces, and deal alerts.

BottleRocket which seeks to simplify the wine shopping process, making it more fun and intuitive (and of course, less overwhelming and pretentious).

(PS…BottleRocket is our favoritest wine store and our April inFOCUS business!)

Think that this approach only applies to product companies? Think again! Next week we share some service-based examples that are excelling using a similar approach.

Posted by Adelaide Lancaster

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Thanks for the mention of shefinds! We just launched momfinds.com which is going to make shopping for kids stuff much easier.