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April 6, 2010

Input Needed: When did you start thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur?

(image courtesy of jenskelley)

As you know we are thrilled about our new book deal!

And oh joy - the interviewing, writing & research has begun!
A big part of our book will be including stories, experiences, anecdotes & tips from women entrepreneurs and all of you!

We will be posing weekly questions to help us with our writing and brainstorming. Sometimes we will be soliciting a tip and other times a reflection on your own experience.

Thanks to all of you who shared their thoughts on what has been surprising about entrepreneurship, how you work best, what you love most about entrepreneurship,
and the adventures of getting off track.

Next up, we'd like to know:

When did you start thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur? Why?

If not an entrepreneur, what did you consider yourself when you started?

How do you feel about the word entrepreneur? Does it describe your experience?

Do you feel that others consider you an entrepreneur too?

We’d prefer if you reply in the comments because it makes the conversation richer and I think you’ll see that you’re not the only one with the same insights or challenges! If you’d feel more comfortable sending me an email, you can do that too. Adelaide@

1 comment:

Dayna Palmer said...

I guess I knew I was an entrepreneur (for sure)when I was handed my college degree - a piece of paper that cost me a lot of money - and my first thought was that there was NO WAY I ever wanted to be someone else's employee. That was 17 years ago and I am still strong in my entrepreneurial spirit :-) I am proud to be a WBO and to be helping other women in their journey of being a WBO as well.

Dayna Palmer
Women Business Owners Network