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April 21, 2010

Interview Tidbit: Grace Bonney of Design Sponge

On this exciting book journey we have the pleasure of interviewing nearly 100 women who are running interesting, inspiring, and innovative companies. While we of course will be including lots of details in the book and discussing the interviews over the next year, in the meantime we wanted to share a few tidbits from each amazing interview!

Being a total home decor and design junkie, Adelaide was particularly excited to meet Grace Bonney the creator of Design*Sponge. It was also quite cool to meet at her apartment and see so many of her creative ideas in action - and to meet her two feline office mates!

Here's just a couple things we walked away thinking about:

Adelaide- It was interesting to learn that design*sponge began not as a business aspiration but as a way to gain experience and score a print editorial job. A lot has changed since 2004! It has not only become a business of its own, it has opened up lots of other opportunities including a book!

Amy- I was struck by Grace’s commitment to her vision of the company. She was clear that it was important to her not to forget the reason that she started the company and that she felt her company would lose authenticity if she made decisions for others.

Thank you, Grace!

- Adelaide & Amy

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