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June 19, 2008


I came across another interesting bok on the power of female friendship to add to your summer reading list. Here is a quote from the author, "Being Assertive is always good for friendship because it shows you're willing to own your needs and that you can be trusted to pull your own weight." - Paul Dobransky, M.D., author of The Power of Female Friendship

Donate your old sneakers to the NIKE Reuse-A-Shoe program and they'll be recycled to create tracks, fields and playgrounds. All brands are accepted.

For drop-off locations visit: www.letmeplay.com/reuseashoe

June 14, 2008


We are always asked for technology resources and referrals whether it is for help with software, hardware, troubleshooting, or consultative advice. I have always been very frustrated that I haven't had a great resource to recommend, especially when people feel that they need help with a minor issue. Until now.

I have finally found a GREAT tech resource for small business owners, or I guess I should say they have found us. Help With A Smile is designed specifically to service the technology needs of small business owners. Pledging that no problem or question is too small, Help With A Smile offers on-demand support either remotely or on site. Michael Spodaro, founder of Help With A Smile, and his team are not only skilled at fixing things that are broken, but also advising business owners on what software/hardware to use and how to use it most effectively. Above all they have reasonable rates and no monthly minimum.

For those of you aspire to be proactive with your technology needs, please note that Help With A Smile offers a Complimentary Consultation/ IT Evaluation.

And for those of us who are more content being reactive, be sure to bookmark Help With A Smile, so you have them when you need them!