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January 1, 2008

About the In Good Company Workplaces Blog

We love our job. Every day we have the privilege of interacting with smart and talented women who have a diversity of experience and perspective and who are excellent at what they do. These women are entrepreneurs who have chosen to go it on their own.

Driven by a desire for autonomy, flexibility, creativity, higher earnings potential, or finding a better way these women are dedicated to creating or providing something better in the marketplace.

However the experiences of “being your own boss” and “starting your own business” are often quite different than expected. Despite the abundance of information and entrepreneur groups, women find that entrepreneurship is surprisingly isolated and unguided.
Most information outlets wane once the task-oriented items are covered (get insurance!). Many networks are positioned as additional channels for promotion (be my affiliate marketer!) and limited to the virtual world (sign up for my e-newsletter!). While everything has a time and purpose, these venues leave women devoid of the competencies and colleagues needed for the successful care and feeding of a business.

Women entrepreneurs are hungry for real information - the kind that helps them to evaluate their current efforts and strengthen their future prospects - and they are starved for real relationships - ones that involve mentoring, tutelage, and peers who have stood in their shoes.

Frustrated by this reality, we have made it our business to help women learn the business of building a business and to redefine their experience of entrepreneurship. Through our consulting practice and community workspace, In Good Company Work Places, we have taught hundreds of women to think like entrepreneurs and build more successful and sustainable ventures.

In this In Good Company WorkPlaces Blog we aim to share interesting news on small business ideas, models, resources, and innovation. Most often, the content has been chosen because it makes us think differently and critically about entrepreneurship and our business.

Many of the posts that you will find here represent our "A&A 2cents" on business topics. Other posts are pulled from our "Company You Keep" weekly email, which offers the following segments:

highlights a nifty RESOURCE that is interesting or helpful

highlights an emerging business TREND across companies, industries, markets, practices, or operations

highlights a BIZ PROFILE of a specific innovative business

highlights important BIZ NEWS, facts, or findings

highlights those doing good in the world

We would love to hear from you your business, and your experiences!

keep thinking,

- Adelaide & Amy

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