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May 20, 2008

Thank you Malia and Carol!

Last night we held the first of event in our new series In Good Company Conversations, and we were honored to have Malia and Carol Mills of Malia Mills join us for a completely inspiring, motivating, and meaningful conversation.

The goal of this series is to increase our exposure and access to real, local female entrepreneurs who are building compelling, innovative and successful businesses; to witness the complexity involved in building a business with integrity and vision; to hear these home-grown success stories first hand and find out how they arrived at their current success; and to learn from their experiences, decisions, and defining moments.

It might seem like quite a lot to expect from a single event. But not surprisingly, Malia and Carol, completely over-delivered and exceed our expectations.

Really, they were so incredibly generous and genuine.

Aside from being utterly impressive and cool in their own right, they openly shared their entrepreneurial war stories and their sage words of business wisdom.

Among other things, they discussed mission and importance of staying true to your business purpose; individual strengths and recognizing what you do best (a favorite topic of Amy and mine!); integrity and the value of ownership; compromise, learning when you can’t and when you can; vitality and staying challenged as your business grows; reward and focusing on what really matters; innovation and learning how to keep your business fresh; determination and the importance of staying focused; resolve and the value of patience with the process…I could just go on and on and on!

Malia issued a particularly savvy reminder to us all, by highlighting that the crux of each of our businesses is really problem-solving and story telling. How so very true!

We are so grateful for all they had to share. Thank you, Malia and Carol.

And, 2 more special thanks to:

Galia Gichon, owner of Down to Earth Finance and amazingly thoughtful IGC member, who initiated the introduction to the Malia Mills. Thank you for thinking of us!
Kelly and Jeanette from
Fancy Girl Catering for the unbelievably good food. It was elegant, delicious, expertly prepared and presented, organic, and local…what else could you want? We were so wowed by them!

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