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August 23, 2008

Hijacked: When your business goes off course

One of the most appealing aspects of going into business for yourself is that you are finally your own boss. You can make your own schedule, work when you want, on your own terms. As an extension, your job can take into account what is important to you. Whether it be income, hours, flexibility, autonomy, the creative process, etc. How exciting! How refreshing!

Fast forward to weeks, months or years after you launched your business to find yourself working 24/7, with no flexibility in sight, making less than you'd planned, managing operations instead of creating, knee deep in the weeds. And did we forget to mention, not feeling very happy, productive or successful?

What happened?

You have officially been hijacked, yes hijacked - by YOUR own business.

How did this happen?!

Mostly likely, you haven’t paid proper attention to the way in which you have grown your business.

Let's back up a few steps and explain.

We all know that most businesses grow and change over time...production used to be in-house and is now outsourced... It used to be 100% service, and now there is product... You used be in one location, and now you are in several... You have added all sorts of fancy communication tools, or programs, or classes, or staff, or additional lines...

But it is hard to think about what changes will come when, instead, you are focused on what is immediate - going to market, getting the first client or account, paying the bills.And, during this heavily focused phase we are inclined to think that any growth is good. That means it is working, right? It is what many of us want, right?

Often, yes - Growth is Good!

BUT, what we neglect to recognize is that we have choice over HOW this growth occurs, WHAT direction our business takes and WHY.

We forget that we actually have control over these things. And, that instead of growing in the direction of least resistance (the next easy client, reemploying tactics that have worked in the past), we can actually chart the course of our business and make sounds decisions that continue to account for our individual goals and needs.

You can continue to run and grow a business that gives you the flexibility, income, autonomy that you desire by being very clear about your business goals and needs right up front and all along.

Your specific needs should be at the top of the agenda right up there with making money!Doing this is the only way that you can make your business WORK FOR YOU!

And, considering all the work and sacrifice you have given to your business doesn’t this seem only right?

Don't let yourself be hijacked by your business.

shared by Adelaide & Amy

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