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January 16, 2009


Archived versions of our monthly member digest are now available!!

For those who haven’t read them before, the digest is our way of sharing with you (women business owners, entrepreneurs – aspiring or otherwise) some of the best news on small business ideas, models, and innovation that we discover. The content has been filtered because it makes us think differently and critically about entrepreneurship and our business. We hope it will challenge and enhance your thinking too!

In each Digest you will find at least 4 sections:

Mindset: Topic-based thoughts from Adelaide Fives & Amy Abrams
Business LookBook: An interesting, innovative, and thought-generating business or business concept.
Clippings: Relevant and thought-provoking articles and news
Musings: A recap of our blog posts…(which if you are reading this here, you can already see!!)

Our Archive Home Page

And as a short cut, here are links to:

Jan Digest

Dec Digest
Nov Digest

Oct Digest

Happy Reading & Thinking!

Adelaide & Amy

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