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March 15, 2009

IGC Members Step Up!!

A couple weeks ago, IGC hosted participants of The Step Up Women's Network's Pathways to Professions programs at IGC. The program allows college-bound girls to visit and learn about various business settings and careers.

We had a blast talking about entrepreneurship!

Several IGC members took part in this initiative, including Eden Abrahams of Clear Path Executive Coaching, Karla Lightfoot of Ladies Who Launch, Anne Kilcullen of Blade, Annie Lansing of Ann Lansing Designs, and Emily Wolper of E.Wolper Inc.

These IGC members shared their thoughts on and experiences of entrepreneurship with the group and talked about how and why they started their own business.

The Step Up gals were great, and by the end they were able to brainstorm and create businesses of their own. We were so impressed by their ideas and were glad to see the socially conscious components integrated in each of their desired ventures.

Thank you Step Up for this great opportunity! Thank you Eden, Karla, Annie, Anne, and Emily for sharing your time and experience! See us all hard at work below:

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