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September 4, 2009

Hop on the Good Foot and do GREAT Things: Advice from Fred Wilson & Neil Patel

(photo courtesy of Courtney A at jpg)
I love fall and all the energy and focus that accompanies it. It seems it is a natural time to set direction, prioritize, and focus on what is important, and welcome sage advice.

So, I thought these two timely posts both help to establish the right mindset for building a GREAT company and for being a GREAT entrepreneur.

Fred Wilson: 10 Characteristics of a Great Company
(be sure to read the comments for further dialog)

Food for thought:
* In what ways do these lists reflect you? Your company?
* What elements come more easily to you? What proves to be more of a challenge?
* What can you do to encourage these great company practices?
* What stands in your way?

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