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March 26, 2010

Interview Tidbit: Melanie Notkin of SavvyAuntie

On this exciting book journey we have the pleasure of interviewing nearly 100 women who are running interesting, inspiring, and innovative companies. (More about the book & why we are writing it: here and here).

While we of course will be including lots of details in the book and discussing the interviews over the next year, in the meantime we wanted to share a few tidbits from each amazing interview!

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Melanie Notkin of SavvyAuntie. She is just remarkable – inspiring, thoughtful, and so very genuine.

A couple things stuck with us:

Adelaide – I was really taken with how SavvyAuntie, in addition to all the community and content it provides, is also a platform for activism. The company is actually rooted in a really powerful social mission about strengthening the American family village and recognizing all the people (women in particular) who are helping to raise our children.

Amy – It was so interesting to me how the creation of Melanie’s business idea came from turning a negatively-defined deficit into something positive and worthy of being celebrated. In the process she helped to elevate the status of PANKs (professional aunt no kids) by building and connecting a community of savvy women. AND, in the process she has never felt happier and more like herself - Take that!

Thank you, Melanie!

- Adelaide & Amy

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