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May 5, 2010

LILLA P: Building a team, business, and brand that allows you to focus on what you love

This month our inFOCUS business is
LILLA P and the woman behind the brand, Pauline Nakios. Pauline is just delicious and we have so enjoyed learning about her business.

LILLA P celebrates the t-shirt and is designed for both the modern lifestyle and aesthetic. The collection, which is known for being easy and comfortable, provides women with beautiful colors, fabrics, and styles and quickly converts new customers into loyal followers.

One of the things that stuck out to us most about Pauline and LILLA P is the extraordinary journey she has been on and how through the many tweaks and advancements, Pauline has gone from juggling almost everything that needed doing to carving out the role that she loves the best and focusing on her strengths, which might be different that what you would expect from a fashion brand such as LILLA P.

In the early days, Pauline ran LILLA P out of her garage fulfilling each order herself and getting her hands dirty in every aspect of the business. Now she has a staff and partner (her husband) all of which allow her to play the role of creative director and focus on what she loves which is continuing to craft the brand, interact with the market, sales representatives, and customers.

Pauline’s efforts to remain connected to the customer show in how relatable and authentic her company and brand are. And, it should come as no surprise to those familiar with the gorgeous and flexible clothing that the LILLA P line is inspired by Pauline’s grandmother.

We found it so refreshing that Pauline has been able to achieve such success with LILLA P without being overly schooled in fashion or design and without being on the technical side of the business. She has truly been able to craft and deliver a vision leveraging her own strengths as well as the talents of the people around her.

A very interesting model and example for us all to consider!

Meet Pauline and the LILLA P brand and go behind the scenes at her showroom on May 26th.

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