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March 23, 2010

Input Needed: What do you love about entrepreneurship?

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Another Tuesday and another book question!

(If this is the first question you've encountered, here's a brief recap:

We're really excited about our new book deal! And oh joy - the interviewing, writing & research has begun!

A big part of our book will be including stories, experiences, anecdotes & tips from women entrepreneurs and all of you! We will be posing weekly questions to help us with our writing and brainstorming. Sometimes we will be soliciting a tip and other times a reflection on your own experience.)

Thanks to all of you who shared their thoughts on what has been the most surprising aspect of entrepreneurship and details on how you work best!

Next up…

What do you love most about being an entrepreneur or working for yourself?

What benefits must you receive in order to make it all worthwhile?

Have your answers changed over time? Would you have answered these differently when you started?

We’d prefer if you reply in the comments because it makes the conversation richer and I think you’ll see that you’re not the only one with the same insights or challenges! If you’d feel more comfortable sending me an email, you can do that too. Adelaide@


Diane O'Connell, Write to Sell Your Book said...

I love being in charge of my own destiny. I love being able to choose what projects I take on and what I give a pass to. I love being able to walk my dog in the middle of the day and cuddle my cat as I read a manuscript. I love being able to sit out on my deck in the summertime to do my work while enjoying nature. I love being able to take a tea break at 4:00 and watch Oprah. But most of all, I love the wonderful bonds I have formed with my clients.

All of this means living my life in balance while earning a living. It's what I found nearly impossible to do when working for others, and why I will never go back to working for a paycheck!

Unknown said...

By starting my own consulting business, I've redefined what my extended family has equated being a "stay-at-home mom". This is a generation gap quandary, and one that I encounter every time I have a conversation with family members of my parents age.

Yes, I work out of the home. But no, I don't (always) sit in my PJs in front of the computer. We outfitted our home office to be a professional environment that works for my needs and a place where I'd be proud to bring clients in.

I still think some are shocked and confused as to what I do, but I take baby steps in those conversations and try not to interpret their questions as dissent.

First of her generation to go to college, first to start a business. Breaking down walls is fun to do.
- Eileen Schlesier, SleeveShirt Consulting

In Good Company WorkPlaces said...

Hi Eileen!

Thanks for your comment. We spoke with an entrepreneur last week whose family still refers to her as unemployed even though she’s run her own business that supports her for the last 2 years!

Sometimes it takes awhile for others to catch up, huh?

In the meantime, keep going!


In Good Company WorkPlaces said...

All great reasons to love being an entrepreneur, Diane!